24 Hour Emergency Response

Mechanical Emergencies:
As you may be aware, heat and plumbing emergencies require immediate attention. A leaking pipe, or water line could result in sizeable repairs if not addressed within the hour. Eastman Property Management is centrally located in the City of Rochester, and is minutes away from every property that we currently manage. We have skilled plumbers and HVAC technicians that are on call 24 hours a day to ensure a quick response to any mechanical emergency.
Property damage:
Whether it’s a broken window, door, or wall that needs attention, Eastman Property Management is always on call to assess the urgency of each situation. We also communicate with tenants to aid them in dealing with a potential break-in, fire, or any other issues related to your property.
Customize your response process!
Some of our investors want to be contacted 24 hours a day if an emergency should arise, while others want to be notified the next day. We will make every effort to contact you before we begin work, unless otherwise specified by you.
Call us today (585) 739-2151 or send us an email so we can ensure you receive a sound investment.