About Eastman Property Management
Property Management Experts in Rochester, NY

Eastman Property Management is a business who’s passion is to provide the highest quality of property management services for our clients in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas. We take pride in our 80 years of family experience, the immediate response that our customers receive, and our unique ability to handle every aspect of property management services with our “one stop shopping”.
We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and have numerous references available to you.
History: How it all started
In 1929 my grandfather came to Rochester from Germany. He did not know how to speak English, however, was determined to continue to practice his trade as a builder. He built his first home in Gates, and named the street after my grandmother (Geraldine street).
My Grandfather lived in the garage for quite some time until he saved enough money from the house that he was renting. He then began buying more rental property, and continued to work in construction as well.
In 1989, I began working with my father, as well as with my grandfather, on the properties they both owned.
In 1990, my grandfather slipped on ice walking down the sidewalk on his way to fix a furnace on one of his properties. He broke his hip, and almost died from pneumonia. He continued to work on his houses until he died, at age 92. He is truly an inspiration to me, and is an example of what hard work and determination can bring you.
In 2003, I purchased my first Duplex, and rented the downstairs out, including every other room available.
In 2005, I bought a four family unit, and proceeded to move into every apartment until I had remodeled them all.
I have continued to buy, as well as manage property for rent in the Rochester, NY and Monroe County areas. I enjoy what I do, and want my customers to reap the same benefits as myself.
If you share this same passion, choose the property manager committed to finding your dream property. Please email or call me at (585) 739-2151. I will treat your property as if it were my own.