HUD Repairs

Currently, Rochester has several homes that have been foreclosed on. Most of these homes will need to be bid on through a time lined process. This would be difficult for many investors who do not know the cost of the repairs necessary to secure a new Certificate Of Occupancy from the city, or township. The other obvious variable is bidding when you don’t know what the rent, or approx value of the property after renovations.
Eastman Property Management is constantly networking with local listing agents, as well as private investors looking to sell their properties. We provide free estimates on any renovations that need to be completed, and will begin showing these properties during renovations to ensure a quick turn-around on your investment. We complete our own work, and you will be sent step- by - step pictures of the progress related to your renovations.
Call us today (585) 739-2151 or send us an email so we can ensure you receive a sound investment.