Eastman Property Management has a labor rate of 32.00 per hour for all service-related calls. Services provided at this rate would cover general maintenance issues, such as:
  • Lock – outs
  • Window repair
  • Drywall repair
  • Painting repair
  • Minor plumbing repair
  • Grounds cleaning and maintanance
  • Section 8 inspections
  • QHI Inspections
  • Minor HVAC repair
  • Apartment cleaning during tenant turn-over
Call or email me to find out more about section 8 inspections.
Major Renovations
Major renovations are also completed in house, and are handled by a professional remodeling team. Rates for such services are negotiated at a fair contracting rate.
Eastman Property Management charges 10% of all rent amounts collected for each property. In addition, Eastman Property Management charges half of the first months rent collected, which includes the advertising cost of the unit, showing times, reference checks, etc.
Payment Terms
Eastman Property Management is responsible for collecting all rents, and will deposit rent into a shared account, pay a check directly to you, or have DSS/ Section 8 rents paid directly to you.
Eastman Property Management keeps all receipts for rents, as well as receipts for repairs. We will e-mail you an invoice for each separate repair, to specify both the material, as well as labor cost. In addition, we will provide a monthly statement of each property we manage for you.
We deduct our fees as we collect your rent, as well as any additional funds owed for repairs and remodeling.
Call us today (585) 739-2151 or send us an email so we can ensure you receive a sound investment.